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100% Unrequited Love (Japanese: 100%片想い) is a shōjo anime and manga series within the universe of Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san. It is the favourite series and guilty pleasure of Nishikata; he goes to great lengths to disguise the fact that he enjoys the series out of embarrassment that he will be laughed at for reading and watching a series that is oriented at girls. Despite his best efforts, Takagi (who also enjoys the series) intercepts Nishikata on several occasions after he purchases a new volume of the 100% Unrequited Love manga and threatens to tell others about his interest in the series as punishment for losing one of her games. Although Nishikata is at first embarrassed that she knows about his interest in the series, they are eventually able to converse about it in a more relaxed way. At this point, Nishikata and Takagi begin to (unintentionally or otherwise) re-enact romantic scenes from the series together in order to tease each other.


The series centres around Kyunko, a blonde girl who, despite her best efforts to remain disinterested, becomes flustered by the romantic behaviours of Ikeo, her red-headed upperclassman (who has a fondness for curry). The opening animation for the series (in Season 1 Episode 7) features a pink-haired, sword-wielding girl who appears to be jealous of Kyunko's closeness with the male protagonist.

Readers and viewers[]

Nishikata and Takagi appear to be regular viewers and readers of the 100% Unrequited Love series, as evinced by their ability to re-enact scenes from the series. Mina and Sanae also read the manga in Ashita wa Doyōbi Chapter 18 (adapted in Season 2 Episode 6).

Opening theme[]

The series's opening theme is also called 100% Unrequited Love; it is featured during the 100% Unrequired Love opening animation in Season 1 Episode 7.


In the sequel manga Karakai Jōzu (Moto) no Takagi-san, it is suggested that the series continues as 300% Unrequited Love.


  • Kyunko's voice is played by Takagi's voice actress Rie Takahashi.
  • Ikeo's voice is played by Nishikata's voice actor Yūki Kaji.