Valentine's Day

Episode 2/Season 2
• Episode Info •
 No. of Episode 2
 Air Date July 14, 2019 (JP)
 Music Zero Centimeters (OP)
 Adaptation Chapter 46, Chapter 74, Chapter 45
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 Previous Episode 1/Season 2
 Next Episode 3/Season 2
This is the second episode of Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san 2 anime series.

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Ice (氷) Edit

Walking to school together, Takagi complains to Nishikata about how numb her hands are due to the cold weather. When Nishikata offers his hand warmer, Takagi declines it. They then see a frozen puddle. Takagi proposes a contest where the one who carries the biggest piece of ice to school wins. Nishikata grabs a large piece of ice while Takagi grabs a small piece. She teases him about how happy he looks, which nearly causes him to drop his piece on the ground. He ultimately ends up dropping it when she mentions that the loser has to warm up the winner's hands. Just as Nishikata is about to offer his hand to Takagi, she asks for his hand warmer instead.

Appearance (外見) Edit

When Takagi meets Nishikata on the way to school, he tells her that there's something different about his appearance from the day before and challenges her to figure it out. Nishikata reveals that he trimmed a small piece of his hair and is confident that Takagi won't get it. He gets very flustered when she examines him from up close. After a while, Takagi correctly guesses that it his hair. She tells him that she will change her appearance the next day and he has to figure out what said change will be.

Bangs (前髪) Edit

At school, Mina is talking to Sanae when Yukari shows up. Yukari reveals that she was trimming her bangs the day before and ended up cutting too much off. Mina teases Yukari about it until Yukari tells Mina that her bangs don't look any better. Yukari ends up apologizing to a despondent Mina. When Mina starts to apologize herself, she sees Yukari's bangs and begins laughing again.

Valentine's Day (バレンタインデー) Edit

Nishikata is heading to school on Valentine's Day when he meets up with Takagi. When they arrive, he is disappointed no one left any chocolate in his locker. In class, Nishikata is still disappointed that he hasn't received any chocolate yet. Meanwhile, Mano is nervous about handing chocolate to Nakai when Mina shows up to hand her chocolate to the entire class. However, they end up getting confiscated by Tanabe-sensei. Later, after Mano asks Takagi for help in terms of how she should hand her chocolate to Nakai, she becomes too embarrassed to do it in front of his friends. When he catches up with her, she is finally confident enough to hand him her chocolate. Just then, Tanabe-sensei shows up. However, he decides to not confiscate them. When school ends for the day, Nishikata is upset that he hasn't received any chocolate until he see some in his locker. As they are walking home, Takagi teases Nishikata about who he believes gave him the chocolate.

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