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This is the third episode of Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san / Teasing Master Takagi-san anime series.



Coffee (コーヒー)[]

Mina tried to drink coffee when she's walking home with Yukari and Sanae. She finds it too bitter to drink. She later trades it with Sanae for orange juice.

Empty Can (空き缶)[]

Nishikata was walking to school until he came across Takagi. They walk to school together. Along the way, Nishikata is drinking a new drink that just came out. Takagi asks if it tastes good. They then have a contest where they have to throw an empty can into the trash can in one try. Nishikata says that if Takagi wins, he gets to do whatever she wants. She then throws an empty can, which goes into the trash. Nishikata then goes, but while he was about to do it, Takagi says that if he wins, she'll give him her first kiss. This distracts him, causing him to lose.

Soda (炭酸)[]

Mina also tried to drink soda but found it too spicy. She wants Yukari to try drinking it.

Muscle Training (筋トレ)[]

Nishikata found a way to punish himself if he ever gets teased by Takagi. He will do 3 push-ups for each time he gets teased. He will continue this method for the rest of his life.

Dubbing (アフレコ)[]

Mina, Yukari, and Sanae found two cats together. Mina and Sanae start saying what they might be saying.

Umbrella (傘)[]

After school, it starts raining. Takagi forgot to bring her umbrella. She decided to walk home with Nishikata since he has a big umbrella. As they walk back home, Takagi then moves nearer to him, which causes him to blush, and his heart to pound much faster, as he finds it very embarrassing.


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