Cleaning Duty




Episode 4
• Episode Info •
 Air Date January 29, 2018 (JP)
February 18, 2018 (EN)
 Music I Didn't Say That (OP)
AM11:00 (ED)
 Adaptation Chapter 14, Chapter 23, Chapter 8, Chapter 26
• Episode Chronology •
 Previous Episode 3
 Next Episode 5
This is the fourth episode of Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san / Teasing Master Takagi-san anime series.

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Cleaning Duty (掃除当番) Edit

Nishikata arrives early to school to begin cleaning duty as punishment for being noisy in class. As he is about to start cleaning, Takagi bursts out of a cupboard and scares Nishikata. The two then sit together in the empty classroom, with Takagi remarking that she enjoys being alone with him. Flustered, Nishikata attempts to ask Takagi if she likes him, but is interrupted as Mina, Yukari, and Sanae burst into the classroom. Realizing that he should be cleaning, Nishikata scrambles to get up from his seat, but clumsily falls over, causing Takagi to giggle.

Kickover (逆上がり) Edit

Nishikata and Takagi are walking home from school together. Nishikata proposes they have an athletic challenge to see who can do a kickover on the bars at the park. Takagi accepts on the condition that Nishikata has to face away while she does the kickover, as she is wearing a skirt. Thinking this is an excuse for her to cheat, Nishikata quickly glances at Takagi while she does the kickover and finds that she is wearing shorts underneath her skirt. As Takagi finishes, Nishikata shamefully confesses to peeking. Afterward, Nishikata buys a juice for Takagi and questions why she had him face away if she was wearing shorts. Smirking, Takagi teasingly calls him a pervert.

Cold (風邪) Edit

Nishikata is up late watching 100% Unrequited Love with his air conditioner on. The combination of cold air and lack of sleep causes Nishikata to catch a cold. The next day, Nishikata is late for school, but is excused by the teacher due to his cold. Taking his seat next to Takagi, Nishikata attempts to tease her by posing and gesturing like the male protagonist in 100% Unrequited Love, though fails to get a reaction out of her. Due to Nishikata being sick, Takagi refrains from teasing him and focuses on her school work. When Nishikata assures her that he is fine, she begins to tease him once again. 

Tailing (尾行) Edit

Mano, Yukari, and Sanae are heading to the corner store when they notice Nishikata and Takagi are also at the store. Later, the three of them tail the duo as they walk home, spying on them to see if they are dating or not. Takagi quickly notices that they are being followed and pulls Nishikata into some bushes. After loosing sight of them, Mina, Yukari, and Sanae head home. Flustered from being so close to Takagi in the bushes, Nishikata complains that hiding in the bushes wasn't necessary. Takagi simply dismisses this and challenges Nishikata in a race to the shrine. Takagi gets a headstart as Nishikata is forced to run while steering her bike. 

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