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This is the fourth episode of the 2nd season of the Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san anime series.



Arm Wrestling (腕ずもう)[]

As a result of his push-up routine, Nishikata easily defeats his friends in arm wrestling. Takagi challenges him to a match, during which she lowers his guard by feigning weakness and joking about them holding hands.

Grown-Up (大人っぽく)[]

Staring out her classroom window, Mina philosophizes about how short youth can be. When she starts comparing it to expiration dates on food, Yukari and Sanae point out her thinking does not make her as grown up as she believes, but retract their statements when she starts to cry.

Bitter Taste (にがみ)[]

Due to his loss in arm wrestling, Nishikata buys juice for Takagi. Remembering a conversation he had with his friends about maturity, he buys coffee for himself, but struggles with its strong flavor. Takagi buys a melon soda and offers it to him, although he excitedly accepts, he relents after she says it would be an indirect kiss. As drinking coffee does not change her perception of him, Takagi proclaims she would increase her teasing if he matures.

Bicycle (自転車)[]

Nishikata encounters Takagi walking to school without her bike, to which she asks him to figure out why. He remembers she had complained about its brakes not working the previous day, but figures it is too easy of an answer. As they take an alternate route that involves going upstairs and playing hopscotch, both of which can not be done with a bicycle, they encounter stray cats. While petting one, Nishikata reveals his answer as her brakes failing, which proves to be incorrect. Takagi explains the real reason is she had wanted to see his nervous reaction as he tries to come up with an answer.


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