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Episode 5/Season 2
• Episode Info •
 No. of Episode 5
 Air Date August 4, 2019 (JP)
 Music Zero Centimeters (OP)
 Adaptation Chapter 19, Chapter 78
• Episode Chronology •
 Previous Episode 4/Season 2
 Next Episode 6/Season 2

This is the fifth episode of Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san 2 anime series.

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Scenes Edit

Questions (質問) Edit

After watching Dandy of the Old West, Nishikata tries to copy the titular character's mannerisms as Dandy is never fooled, but Takagi, having also seen the show, tickles him and exposes his weak points. The two engage in asking a series of questions, though Takagi's prompts cause him to panic and once again enable her to tickle him.

Eyebrows (まゆ毛) Edit

Yukari and Sanae discuss how those with large eyebrows are kind. When Mina arrives, she misinterprets their conversation as making fun of such people and instead insults Yukari's bangs. Although Sanae clarifies what they were talking about, Yukari is too hurt by Mina's remarks and describes her eyebrows as weird.

After School (放課後) Edit

Nishikata and Yukari are members of the field trip planning committee, which forces them to stay after school. Since this means Takagi has to walk home on her own and would not be able to tease him, Nishikata initially celebrates the decrease before realizing she has no intention of reducing her antics. Unaware of his thoughts, Yukari observes his behavior and assumes he is lamenting not going home with Takagi.

Happy Birthday (ハッピーバースデー) Edit

On his birthday, Nishikata visits a bakery to pick up his cake when he encounters Takagi. Not wanting her to know his intentions, he challenges her to guess his destination and vice versa, only to learn she is also going to the bakery. Inside, Takagi picks up her items first before giving them to Nishikata as a prize for winning the challenge. In addition to sweets, he receives a 100% Unrequited Love key chain.

Sneeze (くしゃみ) Edit

Various students begin to sneeze, prompting them to theorize as to why they're being discussed. Nishikata sneezes first after Yukari talks about his relationship with Takagi, which leads to discussing their "double date" with Mano. While talking with Nakai about wanting to be cuter, Mano brings up Houjou as a reference, who in turn also sneezes while talking with Hamaguchi. Shortly after, Kimura sneezes as he and Takao speculate about couples, including Takagi and Nishikata, which leads to Takagi sneezing herself.

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