Buy and Eat


Episode 6/Season 2
• Episode Info •
 No. of Episode 6
 Air Date August 4, 2019 (JP)
 Music Zero Centimeters (OP)
 Adaptation Chapter 51, Chapter 52, Chapter 75, Chapter 53
• Episode Chronology •
 Previous Episode 5/Season 2
 Next Episode 7/Season 2

This is the sixth episode of Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san 2 anime series.

Characters Edit

Scenes Edit

Revenge (リベンジ) Edit

As they are getting ready to take the sports test, Nishikata proposes a contest to Takagi where the winner is the one who receives the higher score. Nishikata reveals that he has been training for this day ever since Takagi defeated him the year prior. After a few tests are completed, the final round is the grip strength. Just as Nishikata is ready to do it, Kimura leaves to go to the bathroom. During his second attempt, Nishikata becomes distracted when he thinks about holding Takagi's hand. When he concedes defeat, Takagi reveals that her score was lower than his.

Dodgeball (ドッジボール) Edit

Once school is over with for the day, Nishikata challenges Takagi to a game of dodge ball. Nishikata is confident as he'd played it during P.E. class. Takagi easily wins the game when she hits Nishikata while he's distracted thinking about the strategy she's going to use. During the next game, Takagi asks Nikishita a loaded question about whether he's going to dodge or catch the ball. He then loses when he fails to catch it. Afterwards, Takagi tells a flustered Nishikata that she's glad he went after it.

Buy and Eat (買い食い) Edit

After buying some snacks at the candy store, Mina, Sanae, and Yukari are relaxing when Yukari notices that Mina and Sanae are eating some of theirs. When Yukari states that she's not hungry, her stomach growls. Mina then gives her a free candy bar that she'd just won, while Sanae uses the opportunity to tease her. Just as Yukari's about to eat the candy bar, a cat takes it from her. Giving chase, Sanae eventually catches up to it. She then finds out that the cat took the candy bar so she could feed her kittens. When she meets with Mina and Yukari again, Sanae lies and says that she lost track of it. As they are walking, they realize that they left their bags and snacks at the candy store.

Date (デート) Edit

Nishikata and Takagi are walking together following the dodgeball game. Nishikata becomes flustered when Takagi continues to ask him loaded questions about dodgeball. At the candy store, they decide to buy some ramen. While they're eating, Takagi teases Nishikata about how it looks like they're on a date and what one of their classmates would think if they saw them together. Just then, Takao and Kimura walk in. After they leave, Takagi decides to once again tease Nishikata about the situation.

Trivia Edit

  • There are two changes in the "Date" section compare to the manga.
    • In the manga this was take place during the a public school holiday.
    • In the manga Kimura was replace by a random person.

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