Episode 8
• Episode Info •
 Air Date February 26, 2018 (JP)
March 18, 2018 (EN)
 Music I Didn't Say That (OP)
The Wind That Blows Love (ED)
 Adaptation Chapter 40, Chapter 30, Chapter 24
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 Previous Episode 7
 Next Episode 9

This is the eighth episode of Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san / Teasing Master Takagi san anime series.

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Scenes Edit

Typhoon (台風) Edit

A Typhoon have occurred. Nishikata feel really exited due to the strong wind. He feel like he is controlling it. He raise both of his hands in the air and yell. He later notice that Takagi was watching him.

Marathon (マラソン) Edit

Today is the school marathon. Mano wanna race with Sanae even though Yukari warned her that Sanae is fast. Takao and Kimura isn't looking forward for the race while Nakai and Mano agrees to do their best. Nishikata and Takagi however want to have a contest.

Ribs (わき腹) Edit

Nishikata and Takagi are walking together until Takagi poke Nishikata's ribs. Nishikata couldn't bare with it since he have ticklish ribs. Later they make a bet who can make each other laugh first.

Regret (未練) Edit

Mano, Yukari and Sanae forgot to do their test of courage during the school holidays. They want to do it after school.

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