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Hamaguchi (浜口) is one of Nishikata's friends, along with Takao, Kimura and several others.


Hamaguchi's appearance

Hamaguchi is a fair-skinned boy with messy, light brown hair, grayish eyes and he is noticeably taller than most of his friends.

His school outfit consists of a white button-down shirt navy blue pants. He is also seen wearing a black button-down shirt with yellow buttons and black pants during the autumn/winter.


Hamaguchi appears to be an average teenager and is especially interested in video games. Like Nishikata, he gets extremely anxious around his crush, Houjou.


Nishikata, Takao & Kimura[]

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Hamaguchi is a close friend of Nishikata, Takao, and Kimura. He is seen talking to them while in school and often hangs out with them outside of school, such as going on fishing trips.


Main article: Houjou

Even though he refuses to admit it, Hamaguchi has a crush on the most popular female in the school, a girl named Houjou. In an effort to gain her favor, he tries to act more mature around her, such as drinking coffee despite greatly disliking it. He often offers to walk home with her, but later struggles to make conversation with her, which Houjou finds somewhat endearing. In the anime, he manages to ask Houjou to go to the summer festival with him, which she accepts. They are later seen enjoying the fireworks together.


  • The surname Hamaguchi means "beach, seashore" (浜) (hama) and "mouth, entrance" (口) (kuchi/guchi).


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