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Houjou is a female character in the story. She shares the same class as Nishikata and Takagi. She has a more mature personality relative to her classmates. Though, she is often endeared by Hamaguchi's clumsy yet caring personality.


Houjou's Appearance

Houjou is a light-skinned girl who is described as "the prettiest girl in school" with shoulder-length light brown hair that she often keeps braided and neatly brushed on the left side with three purple hair clips on the right side, light brown eyes and a mole under her right eye.

Houjou is only seen wearing her school uniform, except for in Season 2 Episode 12 and Chapter 146.


Houjou is considered to be the most popular girl at the school by many of her classmates. Most notably, she is known for being the most mature of her classmates, often having a more mellow, relaxed attitude. Despite this, she can be seen becoming flustered around her crush, Hamaguchi. She is often quite endeared by his actions, quickly realizing just how much he likes her.



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Hamaguchi and Houjou have a mutual crush on each other, but both refuse to admit it. Although Houjou wishes that Hamaguchi would act more mature and participate in more sports, she is endeared by his clumsy, anxious attitude and his dedication to her.


  • The surname Houjou means "north" (北) (hou) and "article" (条) (jou).


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