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Kimura (木村, Kimura) is a student in the same class as Nishikata and Takagi who is a close friend of Nishikata where they often hangs out with him both inside and outside of school.


Kimura's appearance

Kimura is a somewhat overweight teenager with buzzed dark brown hair, small brown eyes, and an overall stout stature. 


Kimura is a known procrastinator, and generally has a very laid-back attitude. As expected, he struggles in gym class and dislikes sports due to his weight. He is also known to secretly eat his lunch in the middle of class, as he lacks the restraint to wait when it comes to food.  Kimura is shown to be very kind, humorous, and even respectful to his close friends, especially Nishikata. In one notable instance, Kimura helped Nishikata find Takagi after the two had been seperated while trying to maneuver through the crowds at the summer festival. This shows that, despite teasing Nishikata about his obvious crush on Takagi, Kimura genuinely wants to see the two together and happy. In another instance, while at a waterpark, Kimura purposely avoided his friend, Nakai, so that he could be alone with his girlfriend, Mano. He is an overall nice person to be around. 



Kimura is one of Nishikata's closest friends, and is often seen hanging out with him. Kimura greatly respects Nishikata for hanging out alone with Takagi, and does his best to avoid them so that he won't disturb them. 


Takao is almost always seen with Kimura where he is presumably his best friend. The two are seen together fishing, going to a waterpark and attending a summer festival. 


  • The surname Kimura means "tree, wood" (木) (ki) and "town, village" (村) (mura).


  • Kimura can't swim as revealed in an extra chapter, so the group decided to go fishing instead.


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