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Takao (高尾, Takao) is a student in the same class as Nishikata and Takagi who is a close friend of Nishikata.


Takao's appearance

Takao is a lanky teenage boy with short, black hair, and a quite noticeable pair of buck teeth. In school, he wears his respective seasonal uniforms, while outside of school, he is seen wearing more casual clothing.


Takao is known to have an awkward, anxious, somewhat strange personality. It is clear that his fellow classmate Kimura is his closest friend, as he is almost always seen with him. He has a crush on Sanae Tsukimoto, but struggles to properly express these feelings out of embarrassment, much like most of his male friends. 


Takao is a known close friend of Nishikata. He often hangs out with Nishikata and fellow classmates Kimura and Hamaguchi during his spare time, and also enjoys activities with them such as fishing, swimming, and playing video games at his house.

Similar to Nishikata's crush on Takagi, Takao is also revealed to have a secret crush of his own on fellow classmate Sanae Tsukimoto, after Hamaguchi claims everyone knows he likes her. This is further emphasized in chapter 112 when Takao blushes at the sight of Tsukimoto during his trip to the beach, unaware that she had arrived as well.


Sanae Tsukimoto[]

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Takao has a crush on Sanae.


  • The surname Takao means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "tail" (尾) (o).


  • In Chapter 108, it is revealed that Takao has a crush on Sanae.


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