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Yukari Tenkawa (天川ユカリ, Tenkawa Yukari) is one of Takagi's and Nishikata's classmates as well as a good friend of Sanae and Mina.


Yukari's appearance

Yukari is a young girl with long brown hair tied into a high ponytail and black eyes. She wears glasses and she is the tallest among her friends. She wears a spring/summer sailor uniform as her school outfit.


Yukari is always quiet and doesn't talk much like Mina. She always gets interested when talking things about Nishikata and Takagi's closeness or love.

Yukari does not have any specialties, except having no specialties. She prefers to stay inside and away from hot weather, reading manga and lazing about.


  • Yukari enjoys talking about romance, but her friends do not share the same interest during school.
  • She is quite the picky eater, as she likes to trade her lunch with her friends a lot.
  • In the anime, it is inferred that Yukari is heavier than her friends, leaving her unable to swim.
  • In the Season 3 opening, she is seen secretly tailing Takagi and Nishikata with Mina and Sanae.
  • Although Yukari is seen to do homework on time—unlike her friends—and studies and reviews the material, she is still ranked in the average of her class, failing to get high grades on her quizzes and tests.
  • In Yukari's free time, she reads manga, watches TV, and eats sweets.
  • Yukari's age in the spin-off is never revealed, but estimated to be around 26 - 27 year old.
    • Her age being around 26 - 27 year old is due to the fact that she went to the same school and class with Takagi/Nishikata. In Chapter 31, Takagi mentioned "it has been over 10 years since those days in middle school" while reading through her middle school graduation album. Since the age students graduate from middle school in Japan is 14 - 15 year old, then add over 10 years to it. 14 to 15 plus more than 10 is around 26, at the least.


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